庄桂轩 Grant Zhuang




2009年大学毕业后赴美国工作,加入纽约新苗文艺中心(New York Chinese Cultural Center),2015年起就任学校校长和演出团负责人。



Grant Zhuang began learning dance at an early age, studying at the Children’s Palace of Sifang District in Qingdao City, China.

He was admitted to the Art School of Music and Dance Theater of Shandong Province at the age of 11.

In 2002, he was admitted to Beijing Music and Dance School.

In 2005, he was admitted to Beijing Dance Academy (undergraduate) and was third place in the admissions ranking.

After graduating from university in 2009, he came to the United States and joined the New York Chinese Cultural Center (NYCCC). In 2015, he became the director of NYCCC and the head of the performance troupe.

In the 12 years of working in the organization, he has devoted himself to Chinese cultural and artistic performances and traditional cultural education. He has planned and performed more than 1,000 cultural and dance performances, and taught more than 3,000 sessions.

In 2023, he opened his own dance studio, Grant Dance Arts Center.

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